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Augusto Boal & Theater of the Oppressed

Augusto Boal was a Brazilian theater director, writer, and politician. He was the one who created Forum Theater or Theater of the Oppressed, for the oppressed people throughout the world. Originally, this form of theater was used in radical education movements; Boal was trying to stress the importance of reform and political participation from the youth. Their voices needed to be heard. 

In forum theater, Boal states that the ingredients to concoct a play are perhaps the most essential part. The audience in which these plays are performed for reflect in the content of the play itself. For example, if Boal wanted to create a play for homeless people the context of his play would be all about the homeless. These plays had political agendas and they wanted to get some time of message across, and what better way to relay that than with confronting the audience of interest on it? 

Invisible theater was another form of theater that Boal had much influence over. It can best be described as a staged protest. During the time that Brazil was under a military dictatorship it was illegal to go to a restaurant and ask for a glass of water. Actors, in order to protest this, went to restaurants disguised and would act out some scene to protest the act as if they were normal individuals with no contact with one another but still trying to get their political agenda across. This method rallied the masses and truly did accomplish many protest. This is an example of theater branching off of the stage.